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8 things you need to know about National Geographic hard luggage

8 things you need to know about National Geographic hard luggage


Have you ever realized that you have made the wrong choice of luggage when you are about to embark on a trip? Have you ever wondered how to choose the luggage that suit your need? This becomes more important when you buy online so you can avoid the hustles of exchange or return.

Hard case luggage are getting more popular than soft case luggage. Hard case luggage generally provide better protections against impacts. National Geographic offers you with a variety of hard shell luggage.

You will be able to make the right choice by knowing the 8 things on National Geographic hard case luggage.

1. Durability

How durable is National Geographic hard case luggage? This would be the first question that you would ask. What are the criteria in a luggage's durability?

Construction Material

Nat-Geo-hard-case-luggageThe material of our National Geographic hard case luggage are either ABS or PC-ABS.  Both ABS and PC are thermoplastics which are impact resistant. 

ABS is the short form for acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene. ABS is lighter than PC, but less impact resistant than PC. ABS luggage are the most lightweight hard case luggage. ABS luggage are cheaper yet can still resist against high impacts. National Geographic Track,  Aerodrome, Abroad, and Arete luggage collections are ABS luggage.

PC is the short form for Polycarbonate. PC is very resilient for rough handling and impact but heavier than ABS.  Upon impact, PC flexes to absorb the impact and flexes back to its original shape. 

The combined PC-ABS material becomes very impact resistant yet lightweight. PC-ABS luggage are more durable and impact resistant than ABS luggage. But, PC-ABS luggage are more expensive and heavier than ABS luggage. National Geographic Canyon, Transit, Adventure of Life, Nature of Love, and Heritage luggage collections are PC-ABS luggage.


Hard-Luggage-WheelsOur National Geographic hard case luggage come with 4 units of 360 degree spinner wheels. All the wheels are silent traction wheels. These are high grade plastic wheels with rubber on the outer layer. The wheels will roll silently on smooth surfaces. 

These wheels are designed to be used on smooth surfaces in airports, shopping malls, or flight cabin's aisle. They are not designed to be used on roads, urban streets, or hard or bumpy surfaces. They are durable if they are utilized correctly.NG-hard-luggage-Wheels-Screw

For the wheels to be durable, they need be fastened to the luggage base with screws, not rivets. Screws not only have stronger hold, you can also replace them if needed. This is what you will see in our National Geographic hard case luggage.

NatGeo-luggage-Trolley_handleTrolley Handle

A strong trolley handle is crucial to determine how durable a luggage is. A strong and firm trolley handle will help you to pull around your suitcase with ease.Trolley-Handle-inside.jpg

The retractable trolley handles of our National Geographic hard luggage are made of aluminium. Aluminium is strong, durable, and corrosion resistant. 

The retractable aluminium trolley handle is well fixed into the luggage with screwed. It is built to support the full weight of the luggage when you pull the suitcase around.


The NatGeo-luggage-Zippers.jpgzippers that National Geographic hard luggage use are 2 ways closed end coil zipper. These zippers open at opposite ends, even if one of the zippers of the pair breaks, you can still use your luggage.

These zippers also have self-healing powers. If twisted, coil zippers easily keep their original form when moved back and forth.

The larger the zippers, the more durable it is. National Geographic hard luggage's zippers are large in size. They are also supported with strong metal puller.

The zippers used in National Geographic Canyon and Track luggage are double-layers anti-theft zippers which are almost impossible to be broken into. This makes Canyon and Track luggage the most secure National Geographic hard case luggage.

2. Wheelability

How wheelable are National Geographic hard case luggage? National Geographic hard luggage have 4 spinner wheels. They are very wheelable on flat and smooth surfaces . 

The spinner wheels allow you to move the luggage in any direction. You can pull, push and turn your luggage in any direction (360 degree rotation). You can control the luggage with less effort. You can also reduce the strains on your arm by using the spinner wheels luggage.

View National Geographic Abroad Luggage in spinning action:


Double spinner wheels luggage provide more control than single spinner wheels luggage.

Number of Spinner Wheels4 x Double Spinner Wheels4 x Single Spinner Wheels
National Geographic Luggage CollectionTransit, Abroad, Aerodrome,
Adventure of Life, Egypt, Canyon, Track
Arete, Nature of Love, Wonders of the World

3. Size

Size does matter in luggage. The IATA recommended limit on carry on luggage is 35 cm (W) x  20 cm (D) x 55 cm (H) x  or 13.78 in (W)  x 7.87 in (D) x 21.65 in (H). The limit on check in luggage is 158 cm (62.2 in) with length + Width + Depth. But not all airlines follow the recommended limits, you need to check the baggage limits for each airline.

Nat-Geo-luggage-size.jpgOur National Geographic hard case luggage come in 3 sizes. Small size luggage are 49 linear cm or 19 linear inches cabin luggage. Medium size luggage are 60 linear cm or 24 linear inches check in luggage. Large size luggage are 71 linear cm or 28 linear inches check in luggage.

The small size or cabin size carry on luggage is most suitable for your 3-days short trip. The medium size check in luggage is most suitable for your week long trip. The large size check in luggage is most suitable for a long trip up to 2 weeks or for those who migrate or study overseas.

The full dimensions (including wheels) of our National Geographic hard case luggage are listed below:

Canyon / TrackAbroad / Arete / AerodromeTransitAdventure of Life / HeritageNature of Love
(W x D x H)
36 X 22 x 54 cm (Canyon)
36 x 20.5 x 54 cm (Track)
35 X 20 x 54 cm34  X 22 x 55 cm*38 X 21 x 53 cm35 x 20 x 54 cm
(W x D x H)
43 X 27 x 65 cm
46 X 27 x 67 cm42 X 28.5 x 66 cm47 X 27 x 69 cm47 x 27 x 69 cm
(W x D x H)
47 X 32 x 75 cm
50 X 30 x 76 cm48 X 32 x 76 cm55  X 29 x 80 cm52 x 29  x 78 cm

*The dimension for Transit Cabin Luggage with Laptop Compartment is 38 (W) x 20 (D) x 55 (H) cm.

4. Weight

Weight also matters in luggage selection. Most airlines, especially budget airlines, has put stricter limits on baggage weights. The weight limit for Air Asia on cabin luggage is 7 kg. The weight limit on check in luggage for Malaysia Airline's economy class is 20 kg. 

Lighter luggage means more spaces to keep your personal belongings. Most National Geographic hard case luggage are lightweight. They were made from ABS or PC-ABS. 

Below are the comparison of weights for our National Geographic hard case luggage:

Abroad / AerodromeAreteTransitAdventure of Life / HeritageNature of Love
Small2.95 kg
3.15 kg
2.64 kg2.8 kg3.1 kg3.1 kg2.8 kg
Medium4.0 kg
3.95 kg
3.84 kg3.7 kg4.2 kg4.0 kg3.9 kg
Large4.8 kg
4.8 kg
4.44 kg
5.0 kg4.9 kg4.8 kg

National Geographic Canyon Expandable PC-ABS luggage5.  Expandability 

An expandable luggage makes your travel packing much more flexible. You may need an extra bit of space in your luggage after your impulse shopping during your travel. 

Most hard case luggage are not expandable. But, our National Geographic Aerodrome, Canyon. and Track are fully expandable for all its sizes. National Geographic Transit luggage are expandable for its medium and large size.

6. TSA Lock

Nat-Geo-TSA002-locknational-geographic-transit-TSA-recessed-lockTSA lock is essential if you travel to USA. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) needs to check all luggage. Travelers to USA need to lock their luggage with approved TSA lock.  TSA officers can  then open and relock the luggage with master keys. Luggage without approved TSA lock will be opened by force.

All our National Geographic hard case luggage are equipped with TSA combination lock. 

Most of our National Geographic hard case luggage use TSA002 lock. National Geographic Transit, Canyon, and Track use TSA recessed lock. TSA recessed lock is better than TSA002 lock because it will not be accidentally broken.

You can easily set and reset these TSA combination locks. Just follow below steps:


7. Iconic & Patterned

Our National Geographic hard case luggage are iconic. You will find the famous National Geographic Yellow Logo not only on the front of the luggage. But the logo and label are also on the carry handle, trolley handle, zipper pullers, wheels, and inner lining.


Patterned luggage bags are unique. You will not mix up your luggage bag at the airport. Below are the patterned National Geographic hard case luggage collections:



Citizens-of-the-sea-luggage.jpg Egypt-luggage.jpg heritage-luggage.png

8. Warranty & Repair

All our National Geographic luggage comes with 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover wears and tears, and or damages caused by misuse. You can claim warranty by visiting any of our retail outlets in Malaysia with your proof of purchase. You may also courier back to us the defected product with your proof of  purchase 

NatGeo-spare-partsNational Geographic After Sales Service Center is empowered by our professional repair center. It has all the spare parts and expertise ready to serve you. The service center can repair the National Geographic luggage within a short period. 

 Even if your luggage is out of warranty coverage, the service center can repair your luggage at a reasonable price. 


The 8 things you need know on National Geographic hard luggage are (1) durability, (2) wheelability, (3) size, (4) weight, (5) expandability, (6) TSA lock, (7) iconic & patterned, and (8) warranty & repair.

National Geographic offers you varieties of hard case luggage. They are durable, wheelable, lightweight, with right size, expandable, with TSA lock, iconic or patterned, and with warranty and support. 

Best of all, National Geographic hard case luggage are at an affordable prices. Come and check out these durable and branded yet affordable luggage at our online store.


About the author

Paul Yoh is the marketing executive for Travis Hegel Sdn Bhd. 

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